We help your business thrive with practical and efficient online strategies tailored to your needs and budget.




Focus on what you do best

Some people choose to wrangle with a “do it yourself” platform, while others are intimidated by the entire process and end up ignoring their online presence. Neither of these strategies is realistic in today’s market.

Let us develop and manage your online presence, freeing your time and mental space to grow your business, tend your fields, write, cook, create, teach, or whatever it is that you do best.

Tell your story

Your customers are interested in more than your end product. Increasingly, they care about how your product is sourced and made, what sustainability procedures you follow and what you are giving back to the community.

We’ve helped farmers, restaurants, authors, chefs, food artisans and non-profits identify and communicate their eco-friendly credentials and philosophies, effectively distinguishing their brand and mission.

use newsletter marketing like a pro

Most small businesses set up a newsletter for a single purpose: to let customers know about what’s new. While it’s good to use newsletters to communicate changes in the menu or seasonal specials, you’re missing out on the true power and flexibility of email marketing.

When set up properly and integrated with a practical, clear marketing and customer care plan, newsletters can strengthen your brand, drive sales, boost customer reviews and testimonials, assist in finding new hires, give you important information about your customer base, solicit valuable feedback and make sure your customers are satisfied.

All that from a newsletter? Let us show you how.


Smart social media

Do you have a social media strategy, or are you just posting on and off, and hoping for the best? Do you track your results, and do you know how to interpret the data? If this sounds really complicated (or expensive), it’s not. Not every social media platform is right for you. We’ll help you find the best platforms to connect with your customers and integrate them into your overall marketing plan.

Don’t have a plan? We need to talk!